V/line Train & Coach Services

V/Line Train & Coach Services

V/Line provides daily services between Portland and Melbourne and from Portland to Mt Gambier.

The Bus Depot is located in Henty Street next to the Taxi Rank

It is advisable to make reservations for all trips   and check times as changes may occur at short notice.

Tickets can be purchased in Portland from Harvey World Travel in Julia Street or on line at  ptv.vic.gov.au    Ph   1800 800 007

Portland to Melbourne Departures;

Monday – Friday   4.05 am,   7.30 am,   10.15 am,  15.50 pm,

Saturday   5.35 am,  9.10 am   

  Sundays    5,45 am,   9.20 am,  15.30 pm 

The trip takes approx 5.5 hours via coach to Warrnambool then via train to Southern Cross


Melbourne to Portland  Departures;

Monday -Friday   7.23 am, 13.05 pm,  17.13 pm, 19.13 pm.   

 Saturdays  7 am,  19.00 pm     

 Sundays   7 am.   19.00 pm

The trip takes approx 5.5 hours via train to Warrnambool then on to Portland via Coach Portland


Portland To Mt Gambier Departures

Monday – Friday  18.40 pm  22.53  pm 

 Saturdays  13.05 pm   

 Sundays   0.18 am 

The trip takes approx 1.30 hours by coach via Heywood and Dartmoor   Allows you  for the time difference between Vic & South Australia  S.A. is .5 hours behind Victoria

Mt Gambier to Portland Departures

Monday – Friday  5.30 am,  8.15 am   

 Saturdays  3.45 am  7.20 am     

  Sundays  7.20 am 

The trip will take approx 1.5 hours  Allow for the time difference between Victoria and South Australia, Victoria is .5 hours ahead of S.A





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Mon Fri 8am 5 pm reservations via phone