Formed mainly of basalt (black) and Scoria Purple) rock, these blowholes create spectacular spouts of sea spray during high seas, They are located 4 kms past Bridgewater Bay, 100 metres from the Blowholes car park. In summer keep your eye out for blue whale blow from the platform.

The Petrified Forest is only 50 metres walking distance from the blowholes car park.

Some say it as formed when a forest of moonah trees was smothered by a large sand dune. Water seeped down through the sand to form a crust of sandstone on the outside of the trunks, decaying the organic matter, leaving behind “petrified” trunks. Others believe it was formed through the natural erosion of stone in the ground. with the remains looking coincidentally like fossilized tree trunks.Please just observe out at the forest so that others can also enjoy.