Mouth 2 Mouth Runs

The Yumbah  Narrawong Classic  14 km run

The Mouth 2 Mouth 14 km event commences at 10 am at the Fitzroy River mouth and runs along the beach and finishes over the bridge at the Narrawong Recreational reserve at the finish line structure. A short distance will be across the gravel road near the oval


Auntie Annie’s Run  7 km out and back

The 7 km event commences at the Surry River mouth and runs along the beach approx 3.2 km  to the turn around point. You will then run back to the Surry River mouth, over the bridge and around the oval to the finish line.


The Surry Scurry  3 km

The 3 km Surry Scurry commences on the oval, goes behind the tennis courts, crosses the foot bridge onto the Esplanade, crosses Clark Street, up Bridge Street near the Fire Station, follows the footpath alongside the highway to Cambridge Street, down Cambridge Street and the along the Esplanade back to River Road. Follow River Road along the river to the track over the Dunes to the beach, back along the beach, over the bridge and then finish around the oval.


Kid’s Gallop  around the oval at noon

This is a free non-competitive run for children of Primary School age or younger.

No entry fee, no prizes for winners just a “run for the fun of it” and finish through the official finish line banner.