The Mount Clay Bike Trail was developed in conjunction with Portland Cycling Club and Warrnambool Mountain Biking Club.

The Mount Clay route is a great easy grade trail and is fantastic for any experience level.

With a full distance of 7.9 km the trail can be done in easy time or sections can be attempted as there are sections adjoining conventional roads.

The trail starts at the Saw Pit Camp site of Boyer’s Road Narrawong. Please read and follow the below safety warnings before beginning the trail.

Trail is one direction. For safety reasons please do not go in the wrong diraction

Stay on the road or on designated mountain bike trails

Always ride in control and within your ability

Hazards such as jumps are marked on the trail, please use alternate route provided if required

Be considerate to other riders – let faster riders pass

No walkers or motorbikes permitted on the mountain bike trail

While riding always wear your helmet

Report fallen trees or limbs across trail to  5577-0444