A Unique Phenomenon

The Bonney Upwelling is the  epic natural ocean occurrence that powers a seven month ( November to May ) feeding frenzy of tuna, crayfish, giant crabs, fish, seabirds, seals,krill and blue whale.

Supporting an incredibly rich ecological food web, the upwelling is at its greatest off the coast of Portland and is the cornerstone of our lucrative fishing and tourism industry.

The Upwelling Festival is a free one day event taht brings the community and visitors together to celebrate what is unique about our beautiful coastal environment, the Bonney Upwelling

This years festival will be held on Saturday 2 nd November. Presented by the Upwelling Festival Committee the free one day event brings together many community organisations to offer a diverse program of activities.

For more information visit www.upwellingfestival.com.au or find us on facebook