Mention the town of Casterton these days and the image of an Australian icon springs immediately to the minds of most. The Kelpie and Casterton have become synonymous but years ago most people would have heard of neither.

It is not by chance that Casterton now holds the most successful and well published working dog auction in Australia. There has been a band of dedicated volunteers pouring hours of their time and all of their passion into building an event which now creates this recognition.

During these years Casterton was also cementing its identity as the birthplace of the kelpie, the foundation of the breed with the commissioning of a bronze sculpture and the branding of the region as Kelpie Country.

The festival continues to grow and is a huge hit with families and has national media attention each year.

The start of the long weekend in June is the street parade, followed by various novelty events. Kelpie High Jump, Kelpie Dash, animal nursery, Kelpie Pinball, Stock man’s Challenge, Kelpie Hill Climb just to mention  a few of Saturdays highlights.

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Kelpie Festival