The Portland Runners Club has been helping Portland residents and visitors get into running for 35 years.

The club supports or runs several local events – The 3 Bays Marathon, Portland Parkrun., The winter solace Fun Run and the Narrawong Mouth to Mouth.

The Major event the 3 Bays Marathon now has 7 categories;

102 km Hybrid Fool, 60 km ultra , 42.2 marathon, 21.1 half, 10.5 quarter, and the 4 person and 8 person relays

This event is held on the Melbourne cup weekend in November every year.


Winter Solace run


As the name suggest this is run in mid June to co en side with the winter solace


Parkrun  Every Saturday

The Portland parkrun is held every Saturday at Fawthrop Lagoon at 8 am. The event is free – all you have to be is registered at and print out the unique bar code to receive your time by email.