All rides begin and end at the Portland Visitor Information Centre on Lee Breakwater Road. There is ample parking and toilet facilities


Cape Bridgewater Bike Ride

Distance  36-60 kms. dependent on option taken.

Option 1; direct to Cape Bridgewater and return the same way  = 36 kms

Option 2; Cape Bridgewater Lakes Loop  =  42 kms

Option 3; Ride to Cape Bridgewater and back around the Lakes Loop  = 60 kms

Grade;  Difficult with some awesome hills including the Big Dipper and the Shuffler;

Time; Dependent on the route taken.

Points of Interest;

The Fauna Park, The Blowholes, Petrified Forrest, Shelly Beach, Bridgewater Bay / Beach (Cafe), Fresh Water Lakes, Limestone Caves, Views of Discovery Bay Coastal Park.

Option 1
  • Leave the car park turning left into Lee Breakwater road
  • Along Lee breakwater road and turn right and go up the ramp
  • Turn left  onto Bentinick Street
  • Turn right at the round-a-bout into Gawler Street
  • Straight through the next round-a-bout (corner of Gawler& Percy Streets)
  • Turn right into Hurd Street
  • Turn left into Ottway Street at the round-a-bout
  • Follow Otway Street ( name changes to Bridgewater Road)
  • Follow Bridgewater Road past Shelly Beach
  • Stop and rest at the Cafe
  • Return the same way
Option 2
  • Follow option 1 till you get to Shelly Beach
  • Turn right at the Bridgewater Lakes Road
  • Follow Bridgewater Lakes Road ( great views of Discovery Bay)
  • Turn left into the Lakes (a gravel road) opposite the TarragalCaves
  • Exit the same way
Option 3
  • Follow option 1 all the way to the cafe.Follow another 4 km along Bridgewater Road to the car park for the Blow Holes and Petrified Forest
  • There are two options for the return journey. You can return using either option 1 or option 2
  • There are a number of blind corners on the way to Cape Bridgewater


Cape Grant Bike Ride

Distance; 12 kms.

Time; 1.5 – 2 hours


Points of Interest;

Maritime Discovery Centre, Playground & Skate Park, Portland Cable Tram, Gannets, Portland Aluminium, Cape Grant

The Route;
  • Turn left out of the car park into Lee Breakwater Road
  • Follow Lee Breakwater Road to the end and turn left into Cliff Street
  • Veer left at the round-a-bout (over the railway crossing)
  • Turn left into Wellington Road
  • Turn left into Bancroft Street
  • Turn left into Kingsley Court and then return to Bancroft Sterret
  • Turn left into Bancroft Stree
  • Turn left into Barkley Street
  • Along Barkley Street travel along the 500 metres of sand/dirt track
  • Turn right on to the purpose built bike path
  • Follow this to Portland Aliminium
  • Once over the timber bridge turn Right then next left
  • Turn right after the give way sign and follow the Madeira Packet Road around to the smelter.
  • Turn left into the quarry car park (Views of Cape Grant and Lawrence Rocks
  • Take the path on the left of the quarry carpark(quite bumpy) and follow the path behind the Smelter to the Gannet carpark
  • Follow the gravel road from the carpark keeping left until you reach the sealed road.
  • Turn right onto Madeira Packet Road
  • Follow this road past the golf course
  • Turn left into Finlay Street
  • Turn right immediately into Victoria Parade and follow into Battery Point and have a look at the cannons. Exit via the same route
  • Turn right into Bancroft Street
  • Turn right onto Wellington Road and follow the “i” signs back to Glenelg Street
  • Turn right into Lee Breakwater Road until you reach the visitor information centre
  • Be careful pulling out of the car park as there is lots of traffic that uses Lee Breakwater Road
  • There is a lot of traffic including the tram that uses Cliff Street
  • Once near the smelter be alert for trucks entering and leaving


Cape Nelson Lighthouse Ride



Distance;   22 kms return

Grade;  Quite difficult with one long hill up to Picnic Hill (and a great down hill) and several small steep                    hills  on the way home along the scenic drive.

Time;  1.5 hours

Points of Interest;   Major Mitchel Trail, Cape Nelson State Park, Cape Nelson Lighthouse & Cafe, Enchanted                                  Forest, Yellow Rock

The Route
  • Turn left out of the car park onto Lee Breakwater Road
  • Turn right onto the ramp
  • Turn left into Bentinck Street
  • Follow Bentinck Street ( name changes to Cape Nelson Road)
  • Keep on this road till you reach the lighthouse
Return Journey
  • Follow the Cape Nelson Road out of the car park
  • Turn Right into Scenic Road ( name changes to Sheoke Road)
  • Stop at the scenic lookouts, Enchanted Forest and Yellow Rock for a short walk.
  • Turn right at the “T” intersection back onto Cape Nelson Road and follow back to the Visitor Information Centre
  • There are quite a few blind corners on the scenic route due to overgrown vegetation. Stick as close to the edge of the road as possible
  • Trucks use this road so be aware of heavy vehicles

Fawthrop Lagoon Ride

Distance;  6 kms (around the lagoon) or 10 kms (Lagoon and Fauna Park)

Grade;  Easy  (great for kids and families)

Time; 1 hour plus

Points of Interest; Maritime Discovery Centre, Play ground and Skate Park, Portland Cable Tram, Canal with fishing boats, Fawthrop Lagoon (nature/bird life over 140 species) Fauna Park

The Route
  • Turn left out of the car park into Lee Breakwater Road
  • Follow Lee Breakwater Road.
  • Turn left into Cliff Street and ride over the bridge
  • Turn right into Canal Court and follow under the overpass
  • Veer left this will take you around the lagoon.Follow the path till you get to a “T” intersection (with pedestrian traffic lights on your left)
For the shorter Route
  • Turn right at the “T” intersection
  • Follow this around the lagoon keeping to the right
  • Follow the path left just past the exercise station
  • Take the path left just before the overpass into Bentinck Street and return to the Visitor Information Centre
For Longer Route
  • Follow the path next to the highway
  • Turn right over over a wooden swing bridge, cross the road and join onto the bike track
  • Turn left into Wyatt Street and follow across highway
  • Turn right into Smith Street
  • Turn Left into the Fauna Park
Return Journey
  • Turn right into Smith Street
  • Turn Left into Wyatt Street and across the highway
  • Veer right onto the bike trail following this over the foot bridge
  • At the “T” intersection follow the shorter route back to the Visitor Information Centre.
  • Be careful riding out of the car park as there is heavy traffic along Lee Breakwater Road
  • Cliff Street is very busy with traffic. Be aware of the tram crossing the street
  • Take care when following the track around the lagoon as school children use this route.
  • Be cautious when crossing the highway in Wyatt Street as it is extremely busy especially with trucks

Old Portland Cemetery Ride

Distance;  10 kms

Time;  1 hour

Grade;  Easy (Great for kids)

Points of interest; Maritime discovery Centre, Ploughed Field opposite the Hospital, Portland Lighthouse,                                    North Portland Cemetery ( grave of Captain Fawthrop), WWII Memorial lookout Tower,                                      Portland Cable Tram

The Route
  • Turn left out of the car park on Lee Breakwater Road
  • Turn right onto the ramp& veer left
  • Turn left onto Bentinck Street
  • Double back at the round-a-bout and along Bentinck Street
  • Turn right into Lighthouse Court to see the Lighthouse
  • Double back down Lighthouse Court and turn right into Bentinck (name changes to Hanlon Parade)
  • Just past Journey Training ( Dutton Way Lowe Street Corner)  veer left along the track. ( this is before you would descend the hill on Dutton Way
  • Into the back of the cemetrery
Return Journey
  • Back onto the track behind Journey Training
  • Turn right and follow along
  • Turn left into Wade Street to visit the WWII Memorial Lookout Tower (Open 10 am- 4 pm daily)
  • Turn left back into Bentinck Street and return to the Visitor Information Centre
  • Be careful riding out of the car park onto :ee Breakwater road as this is a busy road.
  • Take care on Bentinck Street for cars reversing out of car parks.
  • Hanlon Parade is quite narrow in some spots with no bike lane.
  • Once at the back of Journey Training the track is not very well sign posted. The dirt track may become slippery in winter