Surfing in the Portland area from Bridgewater Bay around to Narrawong Beach offers a range of breaks and waves to suit all styles and abilities.

Beginners should start with some of the more sheltered breaks in Bridgewater Bay.

The following sites are a guide only and conditions can change rapidly.

1 Blacks Beach

Wave Type; Beach break, Lefts and Rights

Wind Direction; NE- SE

Swell; Small

Comments; Powerful beach break with strong rips at times. This surf break is recommended for experienced surfers

2  Whites Beach

Wave Type; Left point break

Wind Direction; SE

Swell Size;  Small

Comments; Powerful waves this is defiantly not recommended for beginners.

3 Bridgewater Bay

Wave Type; Beach break. lefts and Rights

Wind Direction;  N – SW

Swell Size; Moderate

Comments; Great break for beginners. With soft waves and this beach is patrolled (December to Easter Holidays)

4 The Hole

Wave Type; Beach Break, Lefts and Rights

Swell Size; Small

Comments; Powerful beach breaks, caution needed as strong rips can develop. Good beach for beginners when swell is small.

5 Shelly Beach

Wave Type; Beach break Lefts and Rights

Wind; NE – NW

Comments; Strong rips and a powerful break that is good for experienced surfers and not recommended for beginners.

6 Murrells

Wave Type;Beach breaks Rights and Lefts

Wind Direction; SE

Swell Size; Small to Moderate

Comments; Summer break with good waves on the right day.

7 Yellow Rock

Wave Type; Beach breaks Rights and Lefts

Swell Size; Small

Comments; Powerful beach breaks with a tendency for strong rips. Recommended for experienced surfers.

8 Quarry Gates

Wave Type; Beach break, Rights and Lefts

Wind Direction; NW -SW

Swell size; Moderate

Comments; A lot of surfers have learnt to surf here but caution is required on the bigger days as waves tend to have a dumping nature.

9 Crumpets

Wave Type; Right hander, Point break

Swell Size; Moderate to heavy

Comments; Waves have a good shape at this break but experience is needed due to the close proximity of the rocks.

10 Tease

Wave Type; Beach Breaks, Rights and Lefts

Wind Direction; W – SW.

Swell Size; Moderate

Comments; Tease is another good break to gain some experience at. Care needs to be taken on big days as the waves tend to dump.

11 Blacknose Point

Wave Type; Point Break, right hander

Wind Direction; SW

Swell Size; Heavy


Good Shaped waves. The rocks at this break mean it is best for moderately experienced surfers and above.

12 Golf Course Reef

Wave Type; Reef break Right Hander

Wind Direction; SW

Swell Size; Moderate

Comments; This reef break has a good shape wave. This is  the best of the ref breaks for gaining experience.

13 Nun’s Beach

Wave Type; Right hand beach break of the Lee Breakwater Wall.

Wind Direction; Strong Easterly

Swell Size; Large SE wind slop

Comments; Best for surfers with a moderate amount of experience as the beach break has a very shallow bottom.

14 Watertower

Wave Type Reef break, right hander

Wind Direction; NW – SW

Swell Size; Moderate to heavy SW.

Comments; best for surfers that have a moderate level of experience as this break has a shallow rock bottom.

15 Narrawong

Wave Type; Beach breaks. Left and right, breaking on a sand bottom

Wind Direction; NE -NW

Swell size; Moderate to heavy SW

Comments; Good hollow waves best for surfers with moderate experience due to the rips. The beach is patrolled during summer.