Travel Times to Portland

View the travel times to / from Portland. Allow extra time for sightseeing and rest stops.

Travel Times To / From Portland

∗  Please note these are travel times only 

Allow extra time for sightseeing and rest stops From;

Melbourne via Princess Highway  370 km     4 hrs 30 mins

Melbourne via Great Ocean Road   447 km   6 hrs  30 mins

Adelaide via Coast ( Princess Highway)  563 km   6 hrs  30 mins

Adelaide via Inland  (Dukes Highway)   562 km  6 hrs  15 mins


Cape Bridgewater  18 km  21 mins

Casterton   105 km  105 km  1 hr 15 mins

Dartmoor   69 km   50 mins

Heywood   32 km  20 mins

Hamilton  81 km  1 hr

Merino  83 km  45 mins

Mount Gambier  via inland  114 km  1 hr 15 mins

Mt Gambier via coast  109 km  1 hr 10 mins

Narrawong  16 km  15 mins

Nelson  67 km  50 mins

Port Fairy  68 km  50 mins

Warrnambool  102 km  1 hr 20 mins


∗ You must slow to 25 km when passing  any emergency vehicles/ vehicle with flashing lights on the roads 


As a tourist or visitor, driving on roads that you are not familiar with can increase the risk of accidents. All vehicles are driven on the LEFT hand side of the road in Australia.

Your journey may take longer than expected allow extra time.

Some of Victoria’s roads have varying conditions and can be narrow and winding. Whilst it may look close on a map driving times may take longer than expected.

Your speed may effect others. If driving slowly, pull over where it is safe and let faster traffic pass. If you are driving a motorhome, campervan or towing a caravan and have traffic banked up behind you, pull over as soon as you can safely do so and let other traffic pass.

Look out for animal hazards. Watch out for animals on the roads especially on rural roads  at sunset and sunrise.

Keep your headlights on to be seen more easily. In regional areas it is common for people to drive with their headlights on as they are more easily seen [especially in dark vehicles.

Taking Photo’s?  Pull over somewhere safe. Keep your eyes on the road not the scenery. If you want to take photo’s look at a view, stop and look. Make sure you pull completely of the road in a place that it is safe to stop,

As you get closer to Portland regardless of which highway you are on you will notice an increase in large trucks. These can be difficult to pass as it takes a much longer distance to pass. Most travel at or very close to the speed limit.

Please remember that the breaking distance for large trucks is much more than yours so signal early if you are intending to pull over or stop.

Also remember at intersections do not pull out in front of a large vehicle if you do not have ample distance to accelerate up to the speed limit..


More information can be found  in eight languages at



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