Upwelling Festival

Upwelling Festival



Welcome to the Portland Upwelling Festival

A celebration of the natural wonders brought to the town of Portland by the Bonney Upwelling.

The Bonney Upwelling is the epic natural ocean occurrence that powers a 7 month ( November – May ) feeding frenzy of marine animals, supporting an incredibly rich ecological food web. The Upwelling is at its greatest  off the coast of Portland and is the corner stone of our lucrative fishing and tourism industries.

Presented by the Upwelling Festival Committee Inc. The Upwelling Festival is a free one day event that brings the community and visitors together to celebrate  what is unique about our beautiful coastal environment in Portland Victoria.

Held on  Saturday 29th October there is music, market stalls, whale boat racing, street parade,blessing of the cross, just to name some of the days activities.





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  1. We would love to visit Portland for this unique festival.
    , but is it still a festival in2022

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Sat 29th October 10 am