Men’s Gear and Beer

Men's Gear and Beer

Men’s Gear and Beer   a combination of home brewing and modern men’s clothing.

Men’s Gear and Beer is a Australian pioneer in combining elements of a clothing retailer and a craft beer supplier.

Established back in 1988, the company went through different name changes before choosing “Men’s Gear and Beer” when the owners decided to add home brewing supplies into their catalog. They started the company to fulfill an emerging niche that caters to men who want to learn the art of  brewing their own beers along with dressing well.

The store offers a diverse array of menswear products and beer crafting supplies.

Looking in our menswear collection we have Button Down Shirts, T-Shirts, Jackets, Thermal Gear, Jeans, Hats and accessories such as Ties, Bow Ties, Belts, Braces and Cuff-links Then our original Australian Ugg Boots are sourced from selected leather suppliers and are only made from Sheep Skin. which is synonymous with outstanding quality and comfort.

On the other hand included in our beer crafting supplies are Brewmart, Coopers, Morgans, Pure Distilling, Still Spirits and Edwards Essentials


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