Dartmoor & District 98th Annual Show

Dartmoor & District 97th Annual Show

Dartmoor & District 98th Annual Show


Flower arrangement in pastel

Mumbannar Recreation Ground

Saturday December 7th




Mr Andy Casack

Life Members

Mr J Emerson

Past Life Members




Treasurer:                                                             A & G Collie                                                     Secretary:

Mrs P Cusack                                                       H Cowland                                                Mrs Wendy Dowling

N Oakley                                                         P.O. Box 23

Gatekeepers:                                                      C.I.Cook                                                          Dartmoor 3304

A.Prall, B. Alchison                                            H Heathcote                                            Mobile: 0417 281 391

T.Kelly, D.Dickson                                             F.G.C. Spencer                                          Fax:  (03) 5528 1462

Deligates:                                                                                                            Email:[email protected]

Mr Andy Cusack

Mrs Wendy Dowling                                                                    Dartmoor Show Society Victoria


 lucky gate entrance prize $250 voucher

Admission $5 adults $1 student  16 years and under free


Egg & Bacon sandwiches available from 7.30 am


Program and Events



All competitors compete at their own risk & must complete VAS waiver available from the gate or ticket office.

The Society will not be responsible under any circumstances whatsoever for any incident, loss, negligence, theft and/or damage howsoever caused on the grounds or premises of the Society, and it shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the Society blameless and indemnify it against any legal proceedings arising from or in respect of such accident, loss,negligence,theft or damage

Entries to all rings by ticket.

Tickets will be available from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm (Vic times) No refunds on tickets.

Affiliated with Equestrian Victoria.

Stewards: Pam Cusack, John Pratt, Andy Cusack, Janet Dyson, Janet Dyson, Jenny Carlyle, Robyn Johnson, Sebastian Pratt, Raymaond McKinnon, Kerry McKinnon

The society will not be held responsible for errors, omissions and mistakes contained in this schedule.

N.B.: Stallions are not eligible for hack classes.


Horses; All protests to be in the steward’s hands within 30 minutes of the event. $20 to accompany same

The Committee reserves the right to measure any horse or pony competing.

(a) Entries to the show are accepted subject to the rules and regulations and by-laws of the Society and of  the show.

(b) The entrant agrees to be bound by these rules and regulations and by-laws

(c) The entrant also agrees to abide by all decisions made by the Society, by the Group and by which it             affiliated or by the VAS Ltd pursuant to those rules and regulations and by-laws

(d)  No decision so made shall be called into question by the entrant before any court or other body (                whether or not of a similar nature to a court whatsoever.

(e) Verification of exhibits height and riders age must be produced if required.

(f) Competitors may compete in more than one ring.

(g) All riders must wear approved headgear and suitable footwear at all times when mounted

Class clarification:

Novice – never won a 1st prize at an affiliate show

Elementary – never won 1st prize in an open class at an Agricultural Show.

Please Note: Open champion in First Ring not eligible to compete in equivalent class in Second Ring

Ring 1

Commences 9-00 a.m. Vic Time

Entry $3-00 Ribbons to four places

  1.  Led Pony Mare, not exceeding 12.2 hands.
  2.  Led Pony Gelding, not exceeding 12.2 hands                                                                                      Champion & Reserve Champion led small pony
  3. Led Pony Mare, over 12.2 hands – not exceeding 14 hands.
  4. Led Pony Gelding, over 12.2 hands – not exceeding 14 hands.                                                              Champion & Reserve Champion led large pony
  5. Novice Pony Hack
  6. Elementary Pony Hack
  7. Pony – not exceeding 12 hands
  8. Pony, over 12 hands not exceeding 13 hands
  9. Pony, over 13 hands – not exceeding 14 hands
  10. lightweight Pony
  11. Heavyweight Pony                                                                                                                                     Champion &  Reserve Champion Pony
  12. Rider under 8 years
  13. Rider 8 to under 12 years
  14. Rider 12 years to under 14 years                                                                                                                  Champion & Reserve champion junior rider
  15. Child’s Pony not exceeding 12 hands
  16. Child’s Pony over 12 hand – not exceeding 13 hands
  17. Child’s Pony over 13 hands – not exceeding 14 hands                                                                                   Champion & Reserve champion child’s pony
  18. Paced & Educated Pony
  19. Pleasure Pony
  20. Show Hunter Pony  12.2 hands and under
  21. Show Hunter Pony over 12.2 hands, not exceeding 14 hands
  22. Lightweight Show Hunter Pony
  23. Heavyweight Show Hunter Pony
  24. Open Show Hunter Pony                                                                                                                             Champion & reserve champion show hunter pony not exceeding 14 hands

                                                            Lunch Break

25 Hack, over 15 hands   – not exceeding 15.2 hands                                                                         

26 Hack, over 15.2 hands – not exceeding 16 hands

27 Hack, over 16 hands – not exceeding 16.2 hands Hack over 16.2 hands

28 Hack over 16.2 hands

29 Lightweight Hack

30 Heavyweight Hack                                                                                                                                         Champion & Reserve champion hack      

31 Galloway, over 14 hands – not exceeding 14.2 hands

32 Galloway, over 14.2 hands – not exceeding 15 hands

33 Lightweight Galloway

34 Heavy weight   Galloway                                                                                                                                Champion & reserve champion Galloway       


Ring 2

Commences 9-00 a.m. Vic time
Entry $3.00
Ribbons ti four places


  1.  Led Hack – Mare
  2. Led Hack – Gelding                                                                                                                                          Champion $ Reserve champion led hack
  3. Novice Hack
  4. Elementary Hack
  5. Hack, over 15 hands -not exceeding 15.2 hands
  6. Hack, over 15.2 hands – not exceeding 16 hands
  7. Hack, 16 hands and over – not exceeding 16.2 hands
  8. Hack over 16.2 hands
  9. Open Hack, not exceeding 16 hands
  10. Open Hack over 16 hands                                                                                                                         Champion & reserve champion hack
  11. Ladies Hack
  12. Educated Hack
  13. Pleasure Hack
  14. Led Galloway Mare
  15. Led Galloway Gelding                                                                                                                                Champion & reserve champion led Galloway
  16. Rider 14 years to under 16 years
  17. Rider 16 years to under 18 years
  18. Rider over 18                                                                                                                                                 Champion & reserve champion rider
  19. Show Hunter. over 14 hands not exceeding 14.2 hands
  20. Show Hunter, over 14.2 hands not exceeding 15 hands
  21. Lightweight Show Hunter Galloway
  22. Heavyweight Show Hunter Galloway
  23. Open Show Hunter Galloway                                                                                                                            Champion & reserve champion ridden show hunter Galloway
  24. Show Hunter, over 15 hands nor exceeding 16 hands
  25. Show Hunter over 16 hands
  26. Lightweight Show Hunter
  27. Heavyweight Show Hunter
  28. Open Show Hunter Hack

 Champion & reserve champion show hunter hack over 15 hands

Lunch Break

29 Novice Galloway

30 Elementary Galloway

31 Galloway , over 14 hands – not exceeding 14.2 hands

32 Galloway, over 14.2 hands – not exceeding 15 hands

33 Open Galloway                                                                                                                                            Champion & reserve champion Galloway

34  Ladies Galloway

35 Educated Galloway

36 Pony Hack, not exceeding 11 hands

37 Pony Hack over 11 hands – not exceeding 11.2 hands

38 Pony Hack over 11.2 hands – not exceeding 12 hands

39 Pony Hack over 12 hands – not exceeding 12.2 hands

40  Open Pony Hack not exceeding 12.2 hand                                                                                                            Champion & reserve champion ridden pony hack not exceeding 12.2 hands

41 Pony Hack, over 12.2 hands – not exceeding 13 hands

42 Pony Hack, over 13 hands – not exceeding 13.2 hands

43 Pony Hack, over 13.2 hands – not exceeding 14 hands

44 Open Pony Hack, over 12.2 hands – not exceeding 14 hands                                                                          Champion & reserve champion ridden pony hack over 12.2 hands not exceeding 14 hands


Non Showy ( Topsy ) Ring

To commence 9 am
Entry $3.00
  1. Led Pony, under 12 hands, handler under 12 years (saddle left on)
  2. Led Pony, over 12 hands and under 14 hands ( saddle left on)
  3. Led Horse, over 14 hands ( saddle left on)
  4. Rider under 10 years (led)
  5. Rider 11 years and over (led)
  6. Rider under 10 years ( unassisted)
  7. Rider 10 years and under 14 years ( unassisted)
  8. Rider 14 years and over (unassisted)
  9. Beginners Mount, under 13 hands
  10. Beginners Mount 13 hands and over.
  11. Pleasure Mount, under 13 hands
  12. Pleasure Mount 13 hands and over
  13. Happiest Combination, under 12.2 hands
  14. Happiest Combination, over 12.2 hands
  15. Cleanest Horse or Pony
  16. Timed Obstacle Course, under 10 years
  17. Timed Obstacle Course 11 years and over
  18. Fancy Dress                                                                                                                                                Champion and reserve champion in age sections – sponsored by O’Connor & Graney



  1. Team Bending, under 14 years
  2. Team Bending, 14 years and over
  3. Bending Race 10 years and under ( may be led)
  4. Bending Race 11 years and under 14 years
  5. Bending Race 14 years and under 17 years
  6. Bending Race 17 years and over
  7. Can Race 10 years and under ( can be led)
  8. Can Race 11 years and under 14 years
  9. Can Race  14 years and under 17 years
  10. Can Race 17 years and over
  11. Barrel Race riders under 10 years and under ( may be led)
  12. Barrel Race 11 years and under 14 years
  13. Barrel Race 4 years and under 17 years
  14. Barrel Race 17 years and over

1st place overall (Barrel Race) – trophy

Breed Section

9.00 am
Entry $3.00

a) Registration papers to be produced on request

b) Stallion must be shown in stallion bit by a person over the age of 16 years

c) Exhibits may be shown in more than 1 breed class id dual registration paper are produced

Youngstock – unregistered horses eligible

  1.  Weanling or Yearling
  2. Two Year Old                                                                                                                                              Champion & reserve young-stock exhibit.

Arabian or Arabian Derivative

3 Led Male

4 Led Female

Champion & reserve champion


5 Led Male

6 Led Female

Champion & reserve champion

Warmblood / Part Warnblood

7 Led Male

8 Led Female

Champion & reserve champion


9 Led Male

10 Led Female

Champion & reserve champion

Riding Ponies

11 Led Male

12 Led Female

Champion & reserve champion

Coloured –  Paints, Pinto’s Appaloosa, Palomino and Buckskin

13 Led Male – Registered

14 Led Female – Registered

15 Led Unregistered Male or Female

Champion & reserve champion

Quarter Horse

16 Led Male

17 Led Female

Champion & reserve champion

Australian Stock Horse

18 Led Male

19 Led Female

Champion & reserve champion


20 Led Male

21 Led Female

Champion & reserve champion

Miniature ( including Miniature Horse & Miniature Pony)

22 Led Male

23 Led Female

Champion & reserve champion

Any Other Registered Breed

24 Led Male 14 hands and under

25 Led Female 14 hands and under

26 Led Male over 14 hands

27 Led Female 14 hand and over

Champion & reserve champion



Harness Classes

Entry $3-00
Ribbons to four places
  1. Novice Harness Horse or Pony
  2. Non-Hackney Harness Pony, 10.2 hands and under
  3. Non-Hackney Harness Pony 10.2 hands to 12 hands
  4. Non-Hackney Harness Pony, over 12 hands to 14 hands
  5. Hackney or Part Hackney Horse or Pony
  6. Non-Hackney Horse over 14 hands
  7. Heavy Horse in Harness

Champion Non-Hackney Horse or Pony

Reserve champion Non_Hackney Horse or Pony (2nd to champion eligible)

Champion Hackney/Part Hackney in Harness.

Reserve champion Hackney/Part Hackney in Harness ( 2nd to champion eligible)

8 Viceroy Turnout

9 Best 2 Wheel Turnout

10 Pleasure Horse or Pony

11 Driven Mare

12 Driven Gelding

13 Best Driver

14 Best Junior Driver

15 Pair or Tandem in Harness

Pleasure Driving Events

Regular show competitors not eligible.

Dress not to be taken into consideration.

Judged on suitability for pleasure driving

16 Pleasure Driving Pony

17 Pleasure Driving Horse

18 Pleasure Driving outfit

19 Junior Driver


To commence at 9.00 am ( Vic time)

Approved Safety Head-wear must be worn in all jumping events.

Trophies to similar value nay be substituted for prize money.

Senior riders may jump the courses in Events 1-6 on an encouragement basis for entry fee. Not eligible for ribbons.

Unless otherwise stated, classes will be run under Article 238.2.2 Classes may be altered at Judges Discretion

  1. Junior 30 cm (One round/optimum time) Show Jump, Ribbons Only   Entry $3-00
  2. Junior 40 cm  (One Round/Optimum Time) Show Jump, Ribbons Only  Entry $3-00
  3. Junior 50 cm Show Jump, Ribbons Only  Entry $3-00
  4. Junior 65 cm Show Jump, Ribbons Only  Entry $3-00
  5. Open 65 cm Show Jump, Ribbons Only  Entry $3-00
  6. Junior 80 cm  Show Jump, 1st $20, 2nd $10, 3rd $5  Entry $3-00
  7. Open 80 cm Show Jump, Ribbons Only  Entry $3-00
  8. Open 105 cm Show Jump, 1st $20, 2nd $10, 3rd $5  Entry $4-00
  9. The Allan & Grace Collie Memorial Championship  115 cm Show Jump. Article 273, 1st $20, 2nd $10, 3rd $5  Entry $4-00

Trophy and Sash donated by the family of the late Mr & Mrs Allan Collie.

Event to be won three times by the same owner. Sash to be presented to the winner each year. 2005 winner J Murray, 2006 winner Zac Edwards, 2007 no show held, 2008 winner R Garland, 2009 winner R Garland, 2010 winner Hugh Crauford, 2011 winner Darren Edwards, 2012 winner L Mallen, 2013 winner L Wake, 2014 winner Luke Johnson, 2015 winner Luke Johnson, 2016 winner Lizzie Kelly, 2017 winner Jenna Edwards. 2018 winner Libby Holliday

Schedule as per Equestrian Australian National Jumping Rules (p52)

First Round                                                              Second Round                                               Jump-off

Table A             Table A                                           Starting Order                                                 Starting Order

3.4.1                  Against                                          Reverse order of penalties and                       Same as 2nd

Against             the clock                                       time in 1st round: Athletes retain                    round

the clock                                                                their drawn order in case of

equality of penalties and time.

The Dartmoor & District P&A Society gratefully acknowledges the support given by the Mt. Gambier Show Jumping Club in conducting the show jumping events.


Indoor Section

Stewards: Kaye Oakley. Heather Lovell, Wendy Dowling, Dot Lanyon, Glenys Brown. Gayle Manley, Sue Tregellis, Rebecca Jones, Jasmine Woodyard.

Exhibits will be received on Friday 6th December from 7 -8 pm and up to 10-30 am ( Vic time) on Show Day

Entry Fee 20c. Bottles supplied for cut flowers

Prizes 1st $1    2nd 50c.

Champion Exhibit from sections 1 to 59

Roses – No buds allowed   Full Bloom – Stamens showing

1 One White Rose                                                                2 One Cream Rose

3 One yellow Rose                                                              4 One Pink Rose

5 One Red Rose                                                                   6 One Mauve Rose

7 One Bi-Colour Rose                                                          8 One Rose, Any Other Colour

9 One Perfumed Rose                                                         10 One Full Blown Rose

11 Three Stages of One Rose – Bud Bloom & Full Bloom – Staged Separately

12 One Cut Floribunda Rose                                               13 Three Roses – Different Colours/Varieties

14 One Cut Davis Austin Rose                                            15 Collection of Roses, Different Colours/Varieties

16 Collection of Miniature Roses  Different Colours / Varieties

Sash for Champion Rose

Cut Flowers

17 One Carnation                                                                     18 Three Pansies, different Colours

19 One Annual                                                                         20 One Foxglove

21 Three Pelargoniums, Different Colours                               22 Three Bulbs, Corms or Tubers  ( not gladioli)

23  Three Daisies, Different Colours                                        24 One Gladioli

25 One Bird of Paradise Flower                                              26 One Stem of Fuschia

27 One Bulb, Corm or Tuber ( not gladioli)                             28 One Hydrangea Flower

29 One Stem or Bloom Not Previously Specified                  30  One Perennial

31  Six Garden Flowers, One Cut Of Each, Shrubs Excluded

32 One Shrub, Other Than Native                                        33 One Lilium, No Stem, No Leaf

34 One Stem of Lilium                                                         35 One cut of Alstroemeria

36 One Jacobean Lily

Sash for Champion Cut Flower


37 One Australian Native                                                     38 Three Australian Natives- Distinct Varieties

39  One Cut of Kangaroo Paw                                              40 One South African Native ( excluding Protea)

41 Three South African Natives – Different Varieties           42 One Protea

43 Three Proteas- Different Colours/Varieties                     44 One Cut Of Callistemon  ( Bottlebrush)

Pot Plants

45 One Pot Plant IN Flower                                                   46 One Foliage Plant

47 One Pot Plant OF Succulent Or Cacti                              48 One Fern

49 One Herb Sash for Champion Pot Plant

S.E. of S.A. Border Show Ass’n Inc Trophy for Most Points in Pot Plants ( 2 Shows)


50  Arrangement in Unusual Container                               51 Arrangement For Kitchen Table

52  Miniature Arrangement, Container  Not More Than 2 Feet high

53  Green Arrangement                                                       54 Christmas Arrangement

55  ” As I Like It”                                                                   56 Arrangement Of Roses

57  Arrangement of Natives                                                 58 Foliage Arrangement

59  Bunch Of Cut Flowers, Foliage Allowed

Sash For Champion Arrangement

School Children

60   Crazy Critter, made of vegetable,fruit, nuts,berries or seed by a child under 9 years

61 Crazy Critter, made of vegetables, fruit, nuts, berries or seeds by a child 9 years and over

62  Painting or Drawing , by a child under 9 years

63  Painting or Drawing. by a child 9 years and over

64 One Piece of Lego Construction, by a child under 9 years

65 One Piece of Lego Construction, by a child 9 years and over

Sash for Champion Entry


66 Three Carrots                                                      67  Six Peas, any variety

68  Six Beans any variety                                         69  Three Sticks of Silverbeet

70 Three Cuts of Herb, different varieties

Sash for Champion Entry


All photographs must have been taken by the Exhibitor, Professional Photographers not eligible to enter. Prints to be no larger than 20cm x 30 cm. Prints may be colour or Black and White unless otherwise specified.

Open Photography

71 Landscape or Waterscape                                   72  People or Animal Study

73 Ant Other Subject

Junior Photography ( Exhibitor to be under he age of 18 years on day of Show)

74 Any Subject

VAS Photagraphy Competition

75 A Photo Featuring Water – Open Age

76  A Photo Featuring Water – Junior ( Under 18 years of age on day of Show)

Sash for Champion Photography Entry

Child’s Pet Parade

All entries to assemble on the tennis court by 12.15 pm to be eligible. pets must be caged, or led and paraded by a child capable of handling that animal. All collars, cages. leads etc to be in sound working order. program may vary on day of Show. No entry fee.

Categories to be decided on the day based on entries.

All pet handlers receive a “sweet treat”

Ribbons donated by Dartmoor Show Society.


Unfortunately the Sporting Clay Shoot will not take place in 2019


Thank You to all sponsors of the 2019 Dartmoor Show.

Please support them where you can.

The Produce Store ˆ   D.J. Interiors      Exchange Printers     Horse Deals     O.G. Roberts     Bucik Tyrepower  Tracy Anne’s Nail Retreat     Chapmans News-agency     Eddies Furniture     Salon “I”      Mumbanar Lime  Dartmoor Hotel/Motel     Mount Gambier Gun Club     Stewart Boyd Rural Contracting     Sinclair Wilson  Miller Whan & John     F.T. Shelton & Sons Butchers    Dartmoor Store    The Tack Room    Glenelg Shire Council     Port of Portland     Bendigo Bank     Alliance Timbers      Trident Tyre Centre    Assets Real Estate  HVP Plantations     Brian Spring    Landmark Keatley Livestock    Ray Scott Pastoral Group     Mt Gambier Pastoral Supplies     D.J. & J.S. Hood     Heywood Ag Sales &  Service    Kimberley Clark Aust     C3 Aust Pty Ltd     Dartmoor Lions Club     Dartmoor Op Shop     Heywood Hardware     O”Connor & Graney

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