Budj Bim Cultural Landscape Tourism

Budj Bim Cultural Landscape Tourism
Tae Rak Aquaculture Centre
Tourism Australia – Budj Bim

Guided Cultural Tours

Gunditjmara Country, South West Victoria.

The Budj Bim Cultural Landscape is a unique place with one of the worlds oldest aquaculture systems that demonstrate how the Gunditjmara people used the natural resources of the Victorian south west region to establish a permanent place of human society going back tens of thousands of years.

Discover this stunning cultural landscape which was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in July 2019, for its Outstanding Universal Value.

Take a guided tour with a Gunditjmara guide where you will discover how the Budj Bim lava flow enabled the Gunditjmara to develop  systems composed of channels, dams and weirs used to direct water flow and create basins to trap, store and harvest kooyang (eel), which were sustainably farmed and used both as a food source and for trade.

Tae Rak Guided Cultural Walks

Tae Rak ( Lake Conda) wetlands and Tae Rak Aquaculture Centre

Take an informative walk with an experienced cultural guide to discover the Indigenous culture and landscape through Gundijmara eyes.

Explore the southern and eastern sides of Tae Rak for a look at the significant wetlands and stony rises right next to the historic lava flows of Budj Bin National Park

Tungatt Mirring l Stone Country l Half Day Tour 

Budj Bim National Park, Kurtonitj, Tae Rak (Lake Conda)

Take a journey with a Gunditjmara cultural guide to learn about the creation of the historic Budj Bim Cultural Landscape. from ancient times, through to the present day.

Explore the Budj Bim crater, now Lake Surprise, where the legend of Budj Bim began. Enjoy a guided bush walk and see lava tunnels, caves, and the surrounding forest.

Visit Kurtonitj Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) and see ancient stone kooyang (eel) traps and stone channels, remnants of stone house sites and kooyang smoking trees.

Kooyang Yana l Kooyang Walk l Full Day Tour

Budj Bin National Park, Kurtonitj, Tae Rak ( Lake Conda), Bessie Bell

Take a journey into the life cycle of kooyang (eels) and their importance to the Gunditjmara dating back over 6,000 years.

See ancient stone kooyang ( eel) traps and stone channels, stone house sites and smoking trees, as your cultural guide shows you how Gunditjmara worked the landscape, with evidence of traditional and modern farming and aquaculture.

Visit Lake Gorrie for a look at the historic drystone walls dating to the 1800’s and used for sheep washes.

After a light lunch, participants will enjoy a guided cultural walk of the Tae Rak ( Lake Conda) wetlands, seeing the complex aquaculture system, and an area of lave flow featuring two weirs and a dam associated with trapping and holding kooyang.

Visit Our – Aquaculture Centre

Tae Rak Aquaculture Centre & Bush Tucker Cafe.

Overlooking magnificent wetlands teaming with native wildlife, the Tae Rak Aquaculture Centre gives visitors up close access to kooyang(eel) and the traditional methods used to sustain Gunditjmara on country for over 6,000 years.


Lunchs l Snacks l Eel Tasting l Retail and Cultural Items

Located at the Tae Rak Aquaculture Centre the cafe will offer delicious cafe fare with a bush tucker twist, including the opportunity to learn about and taste traditionally prepared kooyang (eel).

Travelling to

Budj Bim Cultural Landscape

Operating Hours

Tae Rak Aquaculture Centre and Cafe- 9 am – 4 pm Wed – Sun.

Cultural Tours operate between 9am and 4 pm

We offer walking tours of Tae Rak ( Lake Conda) and half and full day tours to other cultural sites around the Budj Bim Cultural Landscape. Tours are conducted by Gunditjmara guides.

Walking tours start and finish at the Tae Rak Aquaculture Centre and Cafe.

Bookings are essential. Limited parking is available on site.


Book at www.budjbim.com.au for immediate confirmation

9 am to 4 pm Monday – Friday  03 4504 2193

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