All Abilities Playspace

All abilities playground

The large play area offers a mixture of equipment, nature play elements, Indigenous artwork and meeting spaces.

Some of the features include

  • Flying Fox
  • Wheelchair Trampoline
  • Slide
  • Wheelchair Carousel
  • Swings
  • Water-play Area
  • Sandpit
  • and a new designated car parking area with priority disability parking bays


Indigenous Art Work in All Abilities Play Area


Six sculptures and play elements have been incorporated into the facility to help tell the narrative of the six seasons of the Gunditjmara. Similar to Summer Winter Spring and Autumn. the six seasons are based on predictable weather patterns, however the six seasons are specific to the South West Region.

  1. Drying out time begins when the wind is coming from the north, it starts to warm up, grasses and seeds and the blue tongue lizard begin to soak up the sun
  2. The big dry is when the swamps and waterholes dry out, tubers are harvested and there are coastal fruits in abundance.
  3. The early wet is the time to burn country for regeneration, cleaning out and this is when heavy dews begin to form.
  4. The big wet has heavy rains, frogs call and brolgas begin to dance, looking for a mate.
  5. Flowering time tells us the eels are swimming upstream, bees are pollinating and insects are busy.
  6. Fattening up time is when yams are harvested. Ballart begins to fruit and the grasses and scrub thicken up

“The seasons aren’t set by certain dates, but by atmospheric change and provide the best way to care for country through an intrinsic connection and knowledge of country, that Gunditjamara people have developed over thousands of generations


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