3 Bays Running Festival

Portland Runners Club


The Portland Runners Club has been helping Portland residents and visitors get into running for 35 years.

The club supports or runs several local events – The 3 Bays Marathon, Portland Park Run, The Winter Solace Fun Run and the Narrawong Mouth to Mouth

Ultra Marathon 60 km  Saturday 4th November


Saturday 4th November with a 6.30 am start.

The Spinafex 3 Bays Trail Ultra Marathon

Our newest event is a spectacular coastal trail run along the Great South West Walk. It is almost all single trail and some beach sections, trail running at its best

This is epic trail running. It will challenge you but the scenery is as good as it gets.

Sing up and experience this beautiful part of Victoria and one of the best kept secrets in the trail running community.

Distance – 60 km.
Elevation gain – 1300 m
Entry cost – $120
Start time- 6-30 am


The Hybrid Fool – 102 km  Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd

Saturday $th Novemebr Ultra – 6-30 start and Sunday 5th November Marathon – 8 am start

Complete the Ultra on Saturday and slip the Portland Runners Club $10 on the finish and you’ll be marathoning on Sunday and an inaugural legend of the festival.

Marathon   – 42.2 km  Sunday 5th November

Now in its 35th year, the Port of Portland Marathon is one of the oldest marathons in Victoria and takes in Bridgewater Bay, Discovery Bay and Portland Bay.

Our oldest and most prestigious event in its 35th year is one of the oldest road marathons in Victoria. About 300 metres of elevation gain

Distance – 42.2 km
Elevation Gain – 300 m
Entry Cost -$90 includes a free 3 Bays Running Festival T-Shirt
Start time- walk 6 am, run  8 am

21.1 km Half Marathon Sunday 5th November  Run & Walk

The Barco Classic Half Marathon follows the second half of the marathon course. It contains about 100 m of elevation gain.

Distance – 21.1 km
Elevation gain – 140 m
Entry cost – $60
Start time – 9.45 am

10.5 Quarter Marathon Run & Walk Sunday 5th November

The Quest Quarter Marathon is very popular.

It follows the last section of the marathon course and is timed to finish as the marathon competitors are coming in.

As with the half marathon, competitors are bused to the start line.

The quarter marathon avoids all the hills in the mid section of the marathon and is flat an fast and very approachable if you are looking to step up from shorter distances. As with all 3 Bays events you can choose to walk or run ( however there is no separate category for the walk)

Distance -10.5 km
Elevation gain – 30 m
Entry cost _ $40
Start time  9.45 am

Relays Sunday 5th November

A huge part of the three bays atmosphere is created by the relay competitors. From the kid’s marathon to the serious 4 person, there is a relay to suit everyone.

Situated on the marathon course ( but with delayed start) its a great way to be part of the festival without having to run a huge distance yourself.

Primary school. secondary school, four and eight person runs and walks are available.

The four person relay has three 10 km and one 12 km leg, while the eight person relay has seven 5 km and one 7 km leg. All relays are open to walking or running teams.

Distance – part of 42.2 km
Elevation gain – part of 300 m
Entry cost $50 – $160
Start time – walk 6.30 am  run 8.15 am





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