Cape Bridgewater & Lawrence Rocks .

Seal Walk

One of the most popular natural attractions in the Portland area is the rugged coast line at Cape Bridgewater.This area is home to anything up tp 2000Australian and Long-nosed Fur Seals. There are two options for this walk to view the seal colony.

1 You may start from the carpark on the left at the top of the hill past the kiosk. This is a 5.4 km return walk along the highest cliff top in Victoria peaking at 130 metres above sea level.

2 this is the flatter but longer walk 8km return from the blowholes car park.

The veiwing platform for the colony is 70 metres above the colony.

The best time to visit the fur seals is between january and March when the weather is fine and calm, but seals can be seen all year round no matter what the weather or time of day


PortLands Seals

After many years as a non=breeding colony the Cape Bridgewater colony has now become the only mainland seal breeding colony in Australia. December is the usual month for pups to be born and will begin swimming at 6 weeks old and are weaned betwen 3 and 6 months old.

Lawrence Rocks

Lawrence Rocks are a non breeding resting ground for juveniles and non breeding adults. The numbers on the rocks bepends upon weather conditions and the availability of food.