The friends of the Great South West Walk is a not for profit community group who maintain, administer and promote this walking trail in collaboration with and under Parks Victoria

The Great South West Walk, which begins at the Portland Visitor Information Centre, embraces all of the stunning natural features that the South West of Victoria has to offer.

The 250 km loop walk will take you on an unforgettable adventure via the forests of the Cobboboonee  national Park, the majestic river gorges of the Lower Glenelg National Park and the picturesque coastal town of Nelson. The return leg meanders along sublime bays, high rugged cliffs and capes, a Fur Seal colony at Cape Bridgewater, the Point Danger Gannet Rookery and back to the historic city of Portland.

Almost everyone can share and enjoy the diversity of scenery and wildlife that is on offer, as the Great South West Walk is suitable for bush-walkers of most ages and abilities. Your choices include short one to two hour loop walks, full day walks with optional overnight camping at one of the 14 designated camp sites, or for the more adventurous, the complete 250 km loop walk.

Not into camping? Stay at one of the many accommodation places available.

All of the Great South Walks campsites have a shelter, a pit toilet, water tank and most have a fireplace. Drinking water must be carried at all times.

Approximate distances between campsites in an anti-clockwise direction;

Portland – Cubby’s                                   20 km

Cubby’s – Cut-Out                                    15 km

Cut-Out – Cobboboonee                           9.4 km

Cobboboonee – Fitzroy                             12.5 km

Fitzroy – Moleside                                      22 km

Moleside – Batterbys                                  17 km

Batterbys – Pattersons                               13 km

Pattersons – Simsons                                17 km

Simsons – Nelson Kiosk  * see below         3 km

Simsons – Lake Monibeong ( via beach)    25 km

Simsons – Lake Monibeong ( inland)          26.3 km

Lake Monibeong – Swan Lake                    16.5 km

Swan Lake – The Springs (via Beach )        21 km

Swan Lake -Tarragal – via Mt Richmond      20 km

Tarragal – The Springs – via Mt Richmond    12 km

The Springs – Trewalla                                  15 km

Trewalla – Mallee                                           14.8 km

Mallee – Portland                                            21.7 km

  • it is possible to camp at the Nelson Caravan Parks – fees apply