McDonald’s Restaurant Portland

McDonald's Portland

Classic long-running fast food chain providing great tasting meals at a fantastic price point,

Known for its burgers and fries


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  1. Loved the grilled chicken burger and the kids loved the big macs and chips.

    Had a great meal at McDonalds Portland on Wed 11/7/18 while on school holidays in the region with two adults and lots of children, sat in the room with the long table.
    The kids enjoyed the meal as it is not normally on their normal menu.
    Unfortunately one of the children left his size 12 army green pattern jacket behind and we did not realise till Monday 16/7/18.
    We phoned the staff and they very kindly posted the jacket back to us.
    Saved Tyler’s “bacon” as he loves that jacket, and saved Nanna’s life as she
    missed that it had not been taken home….phew, thanks so much.
    The kids loved the big macs and the chips and off course the choc drinks.
    The staff were very helpful and directed us to the big room to cater to us all and brought the meal to the table for us.

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