The Kanawina Geopark is Australia’s most extensive, volcanic province, and has been recognized as one of the most significant in the world. The islands and coastal formations around Portland are the main volcanic features of the “coast and caves” precinct.

The geopark stretches across south western Victoria and south east South Australia, and is made up of five main precincts.

Cones & Flows Precinct

Hamilton, Penshurst, Macarther, Hawkesdale, Woolsthorpe, Caramut, Heywood, Keroit and Port Fairy.

Lakes & Craters Precinct

Colac, Camperdown, Lismore, Derrinallium, Terang, Skipton, Mortlake, Lake Bolac and Darlington.

Craters & Limestone Precinct

Mount Gambier, Millicent, Penola, Port MacDonnell, Coonawarra, Allendale East, Tantanoola, Glencoe, Nount Burr and Carpenters Rocks.

Plateaus & Falls Precinct.

Casterton, Coleraine and Hamilton.

Caves a& Coast Precinct